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Kaima Tzomhim Ba'emek Growing in the Valley

Who we are

Founded in 2017 by a collective of passionate young educators and agriculturalists, Kaima Tzomhim Ba’emek is an Israeli educational farm where people and vegetables mature together.  Through a process we call “growing in the valley,” Kaima employs and empowers Israeli youth (ages 15-18) identified by the Ministry of Welfare who have dropped out of school or are at risk of doing so and redirects them to positive endeavor.

Nestled in the heart of the Jezreel Valley, a region rich in soil but lacking the range of social services available in the center of the country, Kaima Tzomhim Ba’emek offers alternative educational programming for youth who cannot adjust to conventional classroom settings.

Our methods — based on the successful “employment as education” model pioneered by Amutat Kaima at their prototype farm located on Moshav Beit Zayit on the outskirts of Jerusalem — teaches organic farming; offers business learning; and fosters, community engagement. In doing so, we facilitate the return to academic educational programming and pursuit of matriculation; promote healthy and mindful eco-friendly lifestyles; and offer the community access to organically-grown vegetables.

The farm’s yield, grown and harvested by Kaima youth working side-by-side with our professional and volunteer team, is sold to the public via the internationally recognized CSA (Customer Supported Agriculture) platform.  The Kaima model, which follows both sustainable agricultural practices and social business principles, calls for the reinvestment of all profits into our educational activities, creates local jobs, brings people together in common purpose, and pumps educational resources into the community. We are the fifth farm in the growing Kaima movement.

In addition to providing alternative education, Kaima also operates as a community center for school groups and tourists, offering field tours, agricultural workshops, professional lectures, and more.

Our partners

Kaima Center for Economic Development and Educational Training: As a member of the Kaima educational farming network, we receive ongoing access to business mentoring; tested educational curricula; evaluation mechanisms; professional training; and more through the Kaima Center for Economic Development and Educational Training. Network membership also enables us to keep costs down by engaging in collective purchasing and marketing.

Methoda – Social Education in the Community:  We operate under the auspices of Israeli NGO Methoda, a local volunteer association committed to initiating, developing and leading programs for social-value education; training and nurturing creative professional educators; and promoting equal access to quality education.

Israel’s Ministry of Welfare

Education Department of the Gilboa Regional Council

Learn more about us

While we work to develop our full English website, we invite you to learn more about the Kaima model here.

Our financial and pro bono partners

We are grateful to local the families who donated their precious farmland and farming machinery, Netafim for their in-kind contribution of irrigation piping, and to our primary financial partner, the Matanel Foundation.

          With the encouragement of the Matanel Foundation

Come visit us / Contact us

Whether you are on your own, with your family, or part of a group, we hope you will stop by our farm. We love visitors!

For more information about visiting, CSA membership, volunteering your time, or donating, please contact Itay Shornik, Founder and CEO, at: hava.baemek@gmail.com